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Auto Baby Washer and Diaper Changer Machine



We build simple solutions for complex challenges


We want quality products, at a price that’s accessible


We believe the best solutions are ones that everyone can use

Meet the Family

Yes, we too have some infants waiting for us at home.

We’re a practical robotics team with more than 10 years of multidisciplinary experience. By taking advantage of robotic advancements in recent years, and keeping our focus on innovative practical solutions, we believe now is the ideal time to automate chores and tasks which have not been addressed for a very long time.

Iman FarahBakhsh Ph.D. (Founder & CEO),

Associate Professor of Metallurgy and Manufacturing

Iman is a co-founder of BabyWasher who serves as the CEO of the company. Iman holds a Ph.D. degree in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and possesses a remarkable knowledge of design and manufacturing. Besides the invention of BabyWasher, he has several industrial inventions in his resume, including the design and construction of an attrition mill that has been manufactured and sold. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing projects and providing consultancy to research projects

Marzieh Abbasi Ph.D. (CTO),


Holding a Ph.D. degree as a pediatrician, Marzieh serves as BabyWasher’s CTO. Marzieh is one of the key co-founders of the company who, in addition to her great negotiation, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, has up-to-date industry knowledge that plays a crucial role in the progress of the company. She has published several scientific articles and inventions, such as Anti-scratch coating. Her 10-year experience in companies


Our hard work has paid off…

We have dishwashers and even robotic cleaners, what about BabyWasher?

I started this journey with a humble goal: to help out with diaper changing and baby washing in our home. After recently trying out one of our early prototypes, our family who has infants started fighting over who will be using BabyWasher first ?

With BabyWasher, we can finally make one of the most hated household chores easy. Can’t wait!

Your Baby Washing,

Iman FarahBakhsh

Founder & CEO