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Changing diapers is an art that many parents or caregivers may find difficult to acquire or perform conveniently. When the need arises, the parent or caregiver may, for example, open up the diaper bag to get a cleaning tissue and a diaper and while holding the infant's feet may clean the infant, get infant skin protectant such as talcum powder or skin lotion, apply the same to the infant, and finally put the new diaper on the infant, all being done manually by hand. While doing these tasks, the parent may further need to restrain the hands of the infant who is extremely curious and attempts to grab on to material in the vicinity. This can be inconvenient or stressful for the parent or caregiver especially for a parent and a caregiver that is handicapped in some way.

Hence a need exists for an infant washer and diaper changing apparatus that can reduce or eliminate the inconvenience associated with changing diapers of the infants.

In view of the foregoing, it is an object of the present invention to provide an infant changing and washing device providing a platform for supporting an infant, removing a soiled diaper, and dispensing a fresh disposable diaper.

For the first time in the world, I could invent an apparatus to automatically change the diaper of an infant and wash and dry the infant that the apparatus called Baby Washer.


What Does BabyWasher Do?

After placing the baby in the BabyWasher’s chair and pressing the start button, the device removes the dirty diaper from the baby's body, washes and dries the lower body, then places the new diaper on the baby's body. All of these steps do automatically.



BabyWasher Clients

There is no viable automated solution to the tedious and disgusting task of changing diaper and washing body of babies/elderlies/disabled people, for millions of consumers and businesses alike. We estimate that around 150B diapers are used by people per year worldwide. On average, a US family spends 2 hours/week doing laundry, and we can assume that most of the time is spent folding as this is the most time-consuming part of the laundry cycle.

Changing a diaper and washing the babies/elderlies/disabled people has always been a disgusting and annoying process.
Changing a diaper and washing the body of the elderlies by another person reduces their self-esteem and independence.
Disabled People
Changing a diaper and washing baby's body/elderlies/disabled people for parents and carers is a daunting task due to the frequent repetition of the day.

Latest News

After Sept 2019, BabyWasher garnered the attention of some people and families around the world. Some messages have been received indicating that parents are eager to purchase the machine.
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